Red Oak Grove's Past Events

We always intended to have photo's of past events up here, but we've sometimes forgotten to bring cameras, and when we did bring them we rarely remembered to scan the pics and put them up.

But, now that a lot of our members have digital cameras, we should be posting more pics more often! :-D

In the mean time, here's what we do have:

Calan Mai 2010
Calan Gaeaf 2009
A few pics from our Super Secret Cyfaill Only Ceremony
Misc pics of our baby Red Oaks
Fall Fest 2006
Canol Gaeaf 2006
Alban Elfed 2005
Calan Gaeaf 2005
Calan Awst 2005
Alban Hefin 2005
Calan Mai 2005
Alban Arthan 2004
March 2004 Cleanup
Calan Gaeaf 2003
Alban Hefin 2003
Calan Mai 2003
Before/after the secret Ritual on 4-11-03
Fall Fest 2002
Alban Eilir 2002
Calan Mai 2002
Wellspring 2001
Alban Hefin 2001
Alban Eilir 2001
Calan Mai 2000
Alban Hefin 2000
1997: Alban Hefin, Our Founding
Misc pics from Pakim Park
Life and Death in the Greenwood Forest

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