Directions to East Creek Group Cabin
at Bellplain State Forest

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Because the Belleplain Group Lodge is just northwest of Cape May, these directions will work for most of our attendees.

If you need directions from other points, drop me an e-mail (merlin @ clam dot rutgers dot edu), and I'll help you out

To start out, you should head towards NJ-55 via NJ-42 and I-76 and/or I-295.
If you're coming from Philadelphia, you should take either the Ben Franklin or the Walt Whitman,
then take I-676 and/or I-76 south to NJ-42, then look for NJ-55 south


These directions pick up on NJ-55, just off of 42, south of 295:
Driving Directions Trip
Start at State Hwy 55 (just off of 42) 0.0 0:00
Drive South on State Hwy 55
Continue to NJ-47 (about 44 minutes)
40.3 0:44
You'll see several exits tempting you with NJ-47, but you want to stay with 55 all the way to it's end... When it ends, it'll dump you onto 47.
When 55 ends, stay with 47 South
Drive for 3.0 miles (about 5 minutes) to NJ-347
43.3 0:48
Bear left onto NJ-347
Drive for 6.9 miles (about 20 minutes)
50.2 1:08

Along this stretch, you'll see signs telling you to turn off of 347;

ignore them!

They take you to Belleplain's office, which is quite far from the cabin...

Watch on your left for a sign mentioning the East Creek Pond.

Pass the pond itself.

Just a few tenths of a mile further, make a left into the cabin's driveway.

PS. If you get lost, call: (856) 313-7771

PPS. If you wanna play around with Google Maps and see where you're going from a satellite/StreetView perspective, here's the cabin.
Notice how far down the road past the cabin you have to go before turning into the driveway...

And if you want to print 3 maps that summarize these directions, click here.