Introduction to Red Oak Grove

We are a group of Neopagan Druids centered in the Delaware Valley (PA, NJ & DE)
who are serious about worshiping the Celtic Gods in a modern context. (link to Gods)

We are proudly associated with:
Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship

The Welsh version of our name is
Nyfed Dar Goch
(pronounced "NUH-ved dar GOCK")
and the flavor of our Liturgy is Welsh.

Celebrate the Eight Holidays with us
We celebrate the eight holidays of Neopagan tradition,
usually within a week of the following dates: 

December 21 Alban Arthan Winter Solstice
February 1 Canol Gaeaf  Middle of Winter 
March 21 Alban Eilir Spring Equinox
 May 1  Calan Mai First Day of May 
 June 21  Alban Hefin Summer Solstice
August 1 Calan Awst First Day of August
September 21  Alban Elfed Autumn Equinox
November 1 Calan Gaeaf  First Day of Winter

        We also meet occasionally for regular worship and fellowship. 
You are welcome to join us for an evening or a lifetime.

About Our Name
Terms we commonly use
Red Oak Grove Bylaws
A letter from our Pen Offeiriad
A letter from our Pennaeth
A letter from our Pen Athro